borax crystals



1. How do borax crystals grow?

2. Depending on what shape the pipe cleaners are does it still have a shape?

3. We think the different color will mix and make a dark color?

4. If you put a object in a borax crystal will it still grow?

5. If we put more or less of borax (and water) will it change ?

6. If you put a object into a borax crystal will it grow?


We believe that borax crystal's will grow under different circumstance



2.pipe cleaners


4.string coloring

6.bamboo skewers


1. Get materials

2. Boil water

3. Get jars

4. Put 2 to 4 cups in jars

5. Bend pipe cleaners

6. Stir borax

7. Get string

8. Tie string to bamboo skewer

9. Tie it to pipe cleaner

10. Put pipe cleaner in jar

11. Wait 5-12 hours


They were really different from what they were post to look like. They were very diffrantly shaped and if crushed will be... Well crushed. Still after all that's diffract we still got what we needed.


The purpose of our group doing this is experiment to show that crystal are not just formed out of ground. Also to show that you can make crystal out of something