Coulson Buchanan

Events Effecting Lake Windsor

~Lightning strikes in the same spot everyday

~Paul and his family move into Tangerine

~The Erik Fisher Football Dream begins to spread

~Erik and his dad meet the football team's head coach

~Paul gains respect on the soccer team after rejecting Gino's shot

~Mike Costello dies from a lightning strike

~Arthur joins the Erik Fisher Football Dream

~Erik's mom finds out about the muckfire

~Paul becomes good friends with Joey after running one night

~Practice and school continues the day after Mike Costello's death

Erik vs. Paul

Erik Fisher has big aspirations for his football career, or what Paul calls the Erik Fisher Football Dream. This isn't much different then Paul's goals in soccer, its just that Erik's are much more recognized within his family, and even the town. Erik forms strong relationships and relies on them to help him progress throughout his life, doing whatever he can to receive what he wants. We see this with Erik taking in Arthur Bauer in and then them seeing the tragedy of Mike Costello, who holds the starting spot over Arthur, passing as an opportunity, whereas the rest of the town was mourning. Paul also likes to build quality relationships but he has a general respect for the people in his way, different from Erik's ruthlessness to eliminate, not necessarily killing, anyone in his path to greatness. As you can see, Erik and Paul have very different views on how to live their lives.

Mike Costello's Passing

At football practice, Mike Costello was standing in the end zone with one hand on the goal post, just taking a rest to grab some water, and then tragedy struck. A lightning bolt hit the goalpost and shocked him to the core. He went flying through the air, landed on his back at the goalpost, but he was dead before he hit the ground. The coaches proceeded to do CPR while Erik's dad called 911. The ambulance brought something to jump start his heart, but nothing worked. All of this was told to Ms. Fisher at the grocery store by Erik and Arthur. Erik and Arthur were throwing the ball later in the backyard and Paul was eavesdropping and heard them speaking of Mike's death as a good thing because Arthur could possibly take Mike's spot as the holder in the football games. Mike passing was a major tragedy, but Erik and Arthur didn't seem to think of it like that.
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Problems in Tangerine that link to the Month of Young Adolescents, or MOYA

Paul is bullied. He is bullied for his eye complications, and the glasses he has to wear. This is a major problem throughout our lives too. As a result of this, Paul could become very conflicted by trying to impress the people around him, he could even put himself and his eyes at risk by refusing to wear his contacts if this continues. Another problem is stress. Juggling schoolwork and extra curricular activities such as sports can be very stressful and I know this from personal experience. The final issue could be having to keep all of his problems to himself. Erik isn't someone Paul wants to talk to and his parents are often caught up in sports or work. Also, moving into a new school left Paul with a lack of friends. Not having resources to express his feelings to could lead to overloading his head, lots of stress, and a feeling of being alone. These are all real world problems that MOYA works to eliminate. They are also problems that Paul could possibly be struggling with.

Lake Windsor's First Soccer Game of the Year!

Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 7-9pm

Tangerine, FL, United States

Tangerine, FL

Come support our soccer team at our first game of the season! This game is at home, so you don't have to trek halfway across Florida to find the stadium. Come with five dollars to pay the admittance fee, and more if you want to buy food from our concession stand. Wear orange to match our soccer team and because it is going to be an orange-out. Bring all of your excitement that we know you have and we hope to see you there!
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