Hoot Hour

Miss Harlee's 3rd Grade Class

What we have been working on in Reading .

In Reading, we have been continuing to work with stories that teach such as fables, folktales, and myths. We just wrapped up learning about different folktales. We worked with a folktale with a narrator who told the story in his point of view. We were able to understand how different points of view can affect how a story is told. Then, we read The True Story of the 3 little Pigs told from the point of view of the Wolf. We then had a trial in which students distinguished their own point of view and determined whether the wolf was guilty or innocent.

We are now beginning to write our own original fables. We have collected our ideas, created a story board, and began writing our rough drafts. We will be sharing our original fables with you at our annual Fable Fair on Friday February 5th in the afternoon. Please look for an invitation coming home soon.

Also, we will begin learning about Myths. There will be a Greek Gods and Goddesses project coming home shortly. Please keep an eye out for that as well.

What we have been working on in math

In math, we wrapped up our graphing unit and have begun our multiplication and division unit. Students were able to create their own board games to practice their multiplication knowledge. If they know their multiplication facts, then division will be a piece of cake! So please keep practicing those facts at home.


In Music, we have started working with our recorders and playing songs. They have been working so hard and have been doing a great job! Look for the recorders to come home within the next few weeks. Make sure the students are practicing and bringing back their recorders ever Wednesday so they can have it in class.
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Wednesday we will be celebrating earning our 30th warm fuzzy by having a jungle classroom. Students will be able to bring in jungle stuffed animals and we will be turning our classroom into a jungle by creating murals. We will also have lunch in the classroom to celebrate earning our 5th cupcake for lunch behavior. Please let me know if there are any questions.