WOW ACADEMY - Retreat in Nature!

With Northern Deer & The WOW Team / NOV 25 - 29 in ROMANIA

Join The Best Personal Development/Spirituality Camp in the Country!

Do you Want To Connect With a Powerful School and enter into a flow of energy that will ensure you are changing towards your best possible future for your soul, spirit, and heart?


  • BUSTENI, ROMANIA - NOV. 25 - 29

For 5 Days we will have a seminar in which we will work intensely with everything we have to solve, heal, and transform

Through a series of lessons, practices, and communication between us we work with very key points of our life (like relationships, the energy of money/work, our physical body, and our everyday psychology) and we gain clarity and insight that leads us to re-generate what we want and eliminate from our life what we don't

In the retreat,

- you will practice and study methods to enhance yourself and your being in order to relate better with your partner/spouse or other people in your family, work, and everyday life. You will go out more open, relaxed, and conscious in your communication with others which will give you the ability to be more intimate with yourself and others.

- You will Practice & Study the 10 Steps to Ensure that you will continue having abundance in your life in the period we pass today which is full of insecurity and extreme volatility.

- You will leave with your batteries of Vital energy filled to the max for making the next steps in your life actively and confidently

- You will have a more clear plan about what you want and how to get it in your relationships, work, health, and psychological state

- You will learn techniques and methods to heal yourself, and others and understand how transformation works - so that you can apply it to whatever you want to transform

- You will have a great time with amazing people and you will become happy

- You will know how to remain happy... :)

- and much more that we cannot express in a piece of paper (or electronic page)

This inner and outer work is not so easy this is why in WOW Academy we study every single year methods and techniques to make sure we will have the best opportunities to make the changes that we want to happen in our life.

We welcome you and invite you to the WOW ACADEMY Retreat I for the school year 2022/23


In this seminar we have many practices - different - that will act from several points of view to have maximum results.

  • THE ENERGY OF MONEY - the knowledge needed for financial stability, how to develop financially and spiritually at the same time.

  • PERSONAL POWER AND SELF-HEALING - * "The Dance of the 10 Animals", Kata of "Furry" - the way to clear the aura of energy attacks (theory and practice)

  • POWER OF WILL - focus, concentration, * "The Dance Of Siva", meditation with Sri yantra and black dot meditation, Healing Of The Eyes, Developing clairvoyance and intuition

  • VITAL ENERGY - 3 ways to increase vital energy and health

  • TANTRA RITUAL - unlocking and raising Kundalini energy - important knowledge for women and men, How to choose the right partner



  • SHAMANIC TEACHINGS - How to Become Your Own Shaman - Healing Yourself and Others


  • ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY - how to use astrology in everyday life to evolve

  • **GIFT - ebook - 10 Steps to Ensuring Financial Security **

As you can see the quiver is full - all we have to do sometimes is just reach out and take it. It's up to us!

The Leader & Mentor of the Retreat

Alexander Northern Deer is a shaman with a lot of experience.

Whether he wears a shamanic uniform or ordinary clothes, in his heart is just love for people, knowledge, guidance for truth seekers, and dedication for life in the personal evolution of those who want to be free and happy.

He traveled the world for 22 years and gathered experience and wisdom to pass them on in a unique, simple way that everyone could understand. He is the Founder of the "World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure" Community where he teaches his knowledge in seminars, courses, rituals, and trips to many places of power in this wonderful world we live in (Romania, Greece, Turkey, Peru, Spain, Azores, UK, Belgium, Tibet, etc)

Guaranteed to be Relaxing & fun!

  • The location where we will be ensures optimal conditions for all practices. It has warm, comfortable rooms with two beds and singles - please let us know if you would like to be alone in the room (the price will be different) or with another person. The workroom is clean, warm, large, and spacious to have enough space for practice. Don't forget to pack comfortable clothes for the inside and clothes for outdoor activities, a raincoat and mountain hiking boots.

WOW Retreat in Nature!

Friday, Nov. 25th, 3pm to Tuesday, Nov. 29th, 5pm

Bușteni, Romania

Bușteni, PH


To participate in the WOW ACADEMY retreat, you need to subscribe and make a prepayment of 200 euros. (CLICK THE LINK: )

  • Cost of Participation - 270 euro ( + 200 euro approx. for accommodation & 3 meals per day) - Early Bird: Register and prepay until Oct 1 and get a 20% discount on the participation cost (55 euro discount in total)

  • For the members of WOW ACADEMY & WOW YOGA ACADEMY:
Cost of Participation - 200 euro ( + 200 euro approx. for accommodation & meals)

Early Bird: Register and prepay until Oct 1 and get a 20% discount on the participation cost (40 euro discount in total)

  • For the members of ACADEMY FOR SPIRITUAL GUIDES & THERAPISTS: Cost of Participation - FREE ( + 200 euro approx. for accommodation & meals)

*** (WRITE US to ask how to become a member of OUR ACADEMIES - See below the contact info)



For MORE info, please contact:


Tel: Northern Deer Alexander (0030 6981 189831 - Greek Number) or (0040 751895532 - Romanian Number)

or Elena Niculae (0040) 722457082 - Romania (For Romania check the Romanian Flyer)


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Unique About this Retreat?

What is unique here is the level of our commitment to bring to the people the experience necessary to move forward in their evolution and not talking merely theoretically or what is "potentially" possible. We have practices and theories that explain the practices so that everyone really experiences everything we are talking about. This brings about the biggest possible empowerment and inner change

2. How is it different from Other Retreats Like it? The Whole approach we bring to the table is unique and completely different than other retreats of spirituality or personal development. It is very intense which ensures that everybody can have the dippest possible transformation, Our intention is to have transformation right there and then during the retreat and not a year after. We are using techniques from the spiritual theater which are not used in any other retreats. With these techniques, we can approach knowledge from an experiential level and not from a theoretical one. Plus we use techniques from esoteric martial arts, shamanism, Yoga/Tantra, and other modern and ancient methods, a unique approach to inner work that in this format is not found anywhere else in retreats of this nature. So we approach the individual from all possible angles of spirit, soul, mind, emotion, and body simultaneously.

3. What certifications do you have? The spiritual approach in our camps is so unique and profound that do not really have a certification. But we can give you a certification of participation in one of the wow academy's retreats. Northern Deer was initiated in shamanic traditions and lived by traveling the world for 15 years and everything he studied and experienced was taken out of his own life's path and not in a certification/seminar classroom. So although he does not hold any degree of studying in a formal way the knowledge he transmits comes directly from the spirit and a life full of esoteric and spiritual experiences to the highest level.

4. What programs do you offer? Except for the wow academy retreat we have also online schools (3 academies), the project of the Travel Capsule (traveling all over the world in places of power for connecting with nature and other civilizations), a personal coaching program with me, Northern Deer and some other unique programs like the manifestation free challenge, online courses, and many more educational and training programs free and paid ( we have a youtube channel where we release videos on different topics regarding personal evolution, the mind, psychology + Facebook live streams where we talk about similar topics and which everyone can watch.