The Sullivan Scoop

September 5-9, 2016

Sullivan Elementary School

Passionate staff providing a positive, engaging environment with high expectations.

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Starting our 5th full week of school, we should still be regularly teaching our CHAMPS. The more we can set our students up for success in the beginning the better off we will be. Are you ready to start using CHAMPS in your classroom?


How is the writing curriculum going? Are you able to find time in your day to it? How are students responding to your increased focus on writing? Give us your feedback.


The state has revamped the state assessments. Click here for a link to a document explaining the new state assessments. We are also being encouraged to participate in the pilot interim assessments. In a meeting yesterday with Dr. Watson I told him that we are skeptical of anything the state is putting out because of the last several years. His response was (and I'm paraphrasing) "I know, We have sucked. State assessments have sucked. But we are going to do better. I need people to practice the interim assessments so I can get feedback and we can make it better." Dr. Watson has a very solid understanding of schools and he keeps one foot in the schools. The more I interact with him the more I trust him. So, I will be asking a couple of teachers to participate in the interim assessments so that Sullivan can give Dr. Watson honest, productive feedback.

Professional Development

Tuesday, September 20

  • Professional Development with Nikki Garcia


Liz Oldham will be talking with teams on Monday about the SIT process. At that time she will give you the referral forms that need filled out. Our first SIT meeting is on September 26. Completed referrals need to be to me by September 22.

KESA is the state's new accreditation model. Click here for a fact sheet. We will complete the Relationships rubric this semester as a staff. Click here for that rubric.

If you haven't watched the safety videos yet please make sure to do that. Time is running out.

Empowering Culture

I will tell you...the two most important factors in the classroom--1 YOU and 2 the relationships you make with students. That's it. It's not the curriculum, it's not the beautiful bulletin boards. It's YOU. Thank you for being the factor that makes students want to come to school and want to learn what you are teaching!!

Do you like the new look and format of The Sullivan Scoop?? If you would be interested in having an account to make flyers like this and email them home to parents as a team or individually please talk with me.

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 19

  • SchoolMall kickoff-Tammi will start the kickoff video at 8:25. Please have your tv's on at that time.
Thursday, September 22

  • 4th grade Ag Safety Day @ Civic Center
  • Family Night/T4 Night

In The Spotlight

We had our 2nd Annual Family Drive-In Movie Night and it was SUCCESSFUL!! Thank you Debbie Sneyd, Katelynn Johnson, Sharon Garey, Jane Leitheiser, Shelley Phelps, Cory Degnan, Lou Ann Barker, Karen Stinson, Rebecca Windle, Jennifer Huddler, Cinda Wolf, Kirsten Rodriguez, Malarie Crane, Pam Patrick, and Kim Darrough-Hayden. (I really hope I didn't miss anyone)

Tammi Mitchell-thank you for setting up our Discovery Ed accounts.

Keri Ochoa and Liz Oldham--thank you for reenergizing our SIT process! I look forward to helping many students through this!!

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A Phone Call Home

Good evening Sullivan families,

Thank you for a great week of school. Teaching and helping your child succeed is the reason we get up every morning--thank you for that opportunity! We are excited to announce that our school is participating in the SchoolMall program. Your student is bringing home an envelope with the words “Parents Please Help Us” across the top. Please take 10 minutes to complete the materials in the envelope and return them to school. That is all you have to do for your student to earn a prize and our school to earn money. On Thursday, September 22 4th grade has Ag Safety Day at the Civic Center all day and from 6:30-7:30 we have Family Game/T4 Night at Sullivan. Thank you and have a good night and an even better weekend.