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  • TAKE your Lands' End shirt to EmbroidMe to add the HP Libraries logo! You may add to other items as well. Each emblem is $15 and a minimum order of $30 is required.
  • If you are participating in The Power of Branding book study, READ the intro, Ch. 1-3.
  • Make a great start to the year, and keep focusing on your ONE thing. What is most important? Try your best to narrow your focus and center on that each day.
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Banned Book Week Resources

I shared Dav Pilkey's video last year; but it's such a good one, it was worth including again.

Dav Pilkey, Creator of CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS, on Banning Books

Trainings, Workshops & Literary Events

HP Libraries 411

Be sure to bookmark this site on your task bar. I'll be adding helpful resources to it throughout the year in attempt to make it a "go to" spot for you!

Check out Scholastic's 2015 Fall Line-up

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The upcoming movie has inspired a myriad of new books and products that will delight a whole new generation of Jedi Knights!

And more from a galaxy far, far away . . .

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