December 2021 - The More You Know


Important Dates!

Dec. 1st: Lincoln Tech College Visit - to select programs

Dec. 3rd: Progress 2 Report Closes

Dec. 4th: SAT Test Date

Dec. 8th: Current PreTech students visit programs for next year!

Dec. 11th: ACT Test Date

Dec. 15th: Current PreTech students visit programs for next year!

Dec. 23-Jan.2nd: VACATION! - Have a safe and wonderful time away and we will see you in 2022!

Students, Parents and Educational Staff Alike! Check out these Social & Emotional Learning Virtual Resources

These are free resources but you will need to register to access them (trust me, it's easy!) Covers all age ranges from

Topic categories include:

Self Awareness (Eg. Emotional Reactions, Thoughts of self harm, Mindfulness, Body Image)

Self Management (Eg. Using Self Talk to Manage Anger, Impulse Control, getting into College)

Social Awareness (Eg. Cyberbullying, Social Injustice, Social Impact, Global Empathy)

Relationships (Eg. Respectful Communication, Break Ups, Abusive Relationships, Conflict Res.)

Responsible Decision Making (Eg. Financial Literacy, Driving Safely, High Stakes Testing)

Check them out for FREE!

Interested in taking a FREE college class in the Spring?

All Vermont High School students receive two Dual Enrollment vouchers to pursue college courses for FREE! Classes begin January 24th, so enroll today!

Speak with Ms. Emmy or Ms. Lindsay to learn what your options are!

Quarter 1 Students Recognized by Staff for Being Awesome!


Marley Ackley ** Eli Adams

Devin Badger ** Shai Barber

Mariah Barrows ** Andrew Brault

Logan Brosseau ** Aiyana Bullock

Jack Cardinal ** Keiley Chagnon

Dylan Combs ** Tamara Dumas

Vanessa Eatinger ** JJ Fahey-Pratt

Julia Ferris ** Hayley Granger

Eli Jones ** Lillian Kirkpatrick

Christopher Lavallette ** Brody Leduc

Miranda Lizotte ** Cary Longley

Dale Mackenzie ** Jasper Martinez

Gloria Mbata-Ngombe ** Mackenna Moulin

Shabani Munyugu ** Jessica Perez

Xavier Richards ** Gavin Rushford

Ben Russell ** Eh Shee

Miles Shimek ** Owen Stark

Alex Stretton ** Caiden Strong

Zoe Voth ** Maggie Wolfe

All you need to know about National Technical Honor Society!

National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) is an honor society for outstanding career and technical education students. After first semester, CTE instructors will nominate students who qualify using the following criteria:

  • Student has a minimum of an A- (90) in each of the first quarters in program area.
  • Student has a minimum of a B (83) in each of the first quarters in all other academic classes.
  • Student demonstrates strong employability skills.

Eligible candidates will be notified and those interested in joining NTHS must complete a reflective essay addressing the following:

  • Personal career goal
  • Involvement with community service or other acts of kindness
  • Thoughts on the importance of employability skills
  • Honor someone who has helped student succeed

The NTHS selection committee will notify candidates of acceptance within the next few weeks! The Induction Ceremony will be held in March!

CTE School Counseling Coordinators

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Link to Student Events Calendar

Instagram: CounselorsofCTE

Admissions Questions? Contact -

Lindsay Ackley: - Building, Cosmetology, Dental, Health Info, Natural, Pre-Tech 1, 3 & 4

Emmy Charron: - Auto, Childhood Ed, CAWD, CST, DCM, Engineering, Pro Foods, Pre-Tech 2 & 5

Chris Chase: - Sending School & Community Relations Coordinator

The Center for Technology, Essex does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national

origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or age in its programs or

activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the

nondiscrimination policies: Bob Travers, Director

2 Educational Drive Suite 200 Essex Junction, VT 05452