Amur Tigers???

aka siberian tigers...How much do you really know?


  • *massive built animals with a rounded head
  • *large canine teeth
  • *muscular body and powerful limbs
  • *consumes about 12 pounds of meat at a time
  • *love the water and are good swimmers

Geographic Location

  • live in the southeast region of Russia
  • sometimes you can find them in China and North Korea
  • they hunt deer, wild pigs, and wild cattle
  • Taiga/Conifer forests
  • lay and sleep where they please

Role in the ecosystem/threats/solutions

  • Carnivore
  • they have no predators
  • endangered
  • poaching, habitat loss, and illegal hunting are causes of the endangerment
  • SSP(species survival plan) and breeding in zoos/other exhibits are actions being took