danish rescue

rescuing the jews, October 1943

Carrying out such deeds was dangerous and punished severely by nazi authorities people risked their lifes to save other jews. It occured during world war 2. Hitler wanted them to be arrested and deported.
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how did the event effect the war

No one disputes the key historical truth, Thanks to the Danes’ mass rescue of most of the Jews as well as to the Danish government’s effort to monitor the almost 500 Danish Jews sent to the Theresienstadt concentration camp, only about 100 Danish Jews about 1% of the country’s Jewish population perished during World War II. No one really knows the historical truth, but it didint really affect them because they rescued them. But they lost alot of there family.
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They came and rescued the 7,800 jews from being captured from the nazis. Danish officals repeadetly insisted to the german occupations authorities that there was no "jewish problems" in Denmark. They reconized that disccusion of the "jewish problem" in Denmark was a possibly explosive issue.
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march 4 2015