The Perfect Classroom K-2

Forest Vista Elementary

Classroom Ideas: Huey, Laffoon, Haas, Durham, Lane, Patterson

After much discussion, we came up with the following points we believe a classroom should have in order to meet our district's Strategic Design Plan. We believe that these points will help our FVE students become more engaged in their learning, be able to collaborate with their peers, be organized and have materials when needed, and be ready for our digital world.

1. Authentic Student work on the walls

Having authentic student work displayed is a very important factor in every classroom. Be creative and find different ways to display!

2. Organized and Functional

Every classroom should be organized so that students too can be organized. All supplies should be organized and easily accessible. You might even want to let students suggest different ways to arrange furniture or materials. The more their input, the more ownership of their learning environment.

3. Visually appealing and warm and inviting

Each classroom should be inviting to students. A noncluttered and bright room helps create an envirnoment of learning.

4. Presence of Technology

In order for teachers to ready our students for this century, we must meet their needs using technology. We must help our students to become strong digital learners.

5. Collaborative Groups

Creating a collaborative learning environment is crucial to our classroom. Students should be able to work together to help with their abilty to take ownership in their learning. Having tables lends well to collaboration.

6. Concise Behavior Management Program

In order for students to be successful, a behaviour management program must be well established in each classroom. Consistency is key to making the program a success. Rules should be posted for all to view.

7. Evidence of iCare

The ICare Program is very important to FVE. Each classroom should somehow post the information for each student to follow the initiative of the iCare program. Seeing it daily reminds them to always instill those qualities.

8. Thinking Maps

Thinking maps is a very important aspect of each classroom at FVE. Maps should be posted for student information. Examples of student maps should be displayed.


The AR program is very important to our school. Reading is imperative in every subject and AR is a motivator! Every class should show our students progress throughout their reading journey.