Hernan Cortes

The Conqueror of the Aztecs

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Background Life

Hernan Cortes was born in Medellin, Spain, around 1485. No one is sure of his exact date of birth. He came from a family that was at the bottom of the upper class. In the 1500's he helped Spain advance it's position in North America, and he studied at the University Of Salamanca.


Hernan Cortes was the conqeror of the Aztecs. He was sent on his own expedition to Mexico, and at the last minute he was told that he could not go by his leader, but he refuted and went on his own. In the time of his expedition he became allies with some of the Native's, but the ones that he was not allies with, were conqered along with the rest of Mexico.
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Impact on the World

Cortes had an impact on today because he helped Spain get a better place in the North America. He also conqered the Aztecs which helped the world back when Cortez was alive. The impact that he made on the world that is still an impact today, is that he helped Spain grow with it's position in North America.