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dōTERRA's got all the "cool" things to keep you happy!

We've got some great ideas on how to use your essential oils

Because each oil is SO multi-functional there are endless ways to use them! Don't let them collect dust... pull them out and try something new today. You can add some to your Loyalty Rewards Program monthly order so you can earn points toward MORE free products. If you want to set that up just let me know. For those of you who are already opted in the LRP savings then you might find some great options on how to redeem your earned points/products below.

Summer Referral Gifts!

Because dōTERRA is the HOT new thing, you might be telling others about its goodness as it comes up in casual conversation.

How it works:

For the summer months of JUNE & JULY only - I would like to gift you something special for sharing with others. If you share with anyone new to dōTERRA and you refer them to us then you or your leader gets them enrolled with any of the "Enrollment Kits" .... you can earn the following:

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