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September 22, 2017

Parents and Community Members - WE NEED YOU!!!

To anyone who is a parent of a student at our school or community member reading this, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! According to the National Center for Education Statistics the benefits for parent and community involvement in schools to students is tremendous. Here are a few highlights of their study which surveyed and measured student performance over time in correlation to parent and community involvement. They found that in schools where the parents and community were highly involved (greater than 50% PTO membership and participation in school events)

  • Reading levels of students increased
  • Vocabulary development increased at a fast rate
  • Student's social and emotional development improved
  • Student behavior improved
  • Student IQ levels went up over time
  • Student chances of success BEYOND high school improved

Therefore as you can see the more we can get involvement from our parents and community the more opportunities our kids are have to be successful in the future. So we owe it to our kids to get involved in their education!

At PPIS we have a number of opportunities for you to be involved. Next Friday (September 29) at 1:30pm and Monday, October 2nd at 9:00am we will be having our Mentor Program Orientation meeting. If you think you'd like to be a part of that program please make plans to attend. The basics of the program are that you will be assigned a student and commit to checking in with them for about 30 minutes every two weeks. We will work around your schedule if you decide to commit to the program. This is a great opportunity to be involved!

Here are some other avenues we have for you to be active on campus:

  • Watch Dogs - This is a program designed to get dads, grandads or guardians to come up and spend a day with kids - contact - Cole Warren -
  • Room Parents - Stay involved in your students class and be a room mom. They will help organize class parties, decorate hallways for changing of the seasons, assist with school trips - contact the PTO - Taren Toth -
  • Copy Parent - Come up and help make some copies when you can - contact PTO -
  • Classroom reader - Want to come out and just read a book to your child's class. Contact Margie Nisbett at and we can set that up for you!
  • Field Trip Chaperone - Sign to help chaperone on of our student trips this year! Contact your student's teacher for more info
  • UIL Coach - Have a knack for math, science, reading or social studies and want to coach a UIL team. We have over 36 UIL events on campus each year and always need help coaching our kids. If you'd like to help out please contact Margie Nisbett - for more info

As you can see we have so many opportunities for parents and community members to be involved. All you need to do is come by and sign up to get a back ground check done and you are good to go! Please consider some of these opportunities if you'd like to get more involved in school. We will definitely never turn down your help!

PTO membership Drive is still going!!

Thanks so much to our PTO for all their hardwork on getting families signed up to join PTO. Right now we have 26 families signed up and 100% of our teachers. Please stop by and fill out our PTO membership information so you can be a part of the program. Membership is only $10 and we are shooting for 100% participation this year! Plus if you sign up you have a chance to win a $100 gift card and your student could win a pizza and ice cream party for their class!
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6th Grade Volleyball vs TEACHERS, Thursday September 28 @ 5:30pm

Please information below and come out to watch the 6th grade volleyball team take on the teachers at 5:30pm Thursday!
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2nd Annual Friends of Vail Benefit, Sunday, October 1st at the Pilot Point Opera House

Please join us at the Friends of Vail benefit dinner on Sunday, October 1st starting at 6pm. All money raised goes to the Friends of Vail charity which helps support our schools and local organizations. The benefit was created to honor our former student Vail Johnson who passed away last year.
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See you at the Pole - Wednesday, September 27 at 7:20am

Please come out and join us on September 27 at 7:20am for the See you at the Pole event in honor of the National Student Day of Prayer.
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New Face in the Front!

We are excited to welcome Mrs. Kasie Simmons to our front office staff. Kasie took over for Mrs. Galen Ewton who left us to become the superintendent's secretary and business manager at Collinsville ISD. We have no doubt Kasie will do an amazing job and has already hit the ground running!
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Thank you Mr. Eric!

Sadly, this will be Mr. Eric's last day. He has done a great job and we will miss him. Eric is also a full time college student and has decided to concentrate on his school. Thanks for everything you did for us Eric!
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Awesome job Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Hammons!

We had a great demonstration of how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from Mr. Johnson and learned more about George Washington Carver from Mrs. Hammons as the 5th and 6th grade teamed up for some cross-curricular and cross-grade level learning!

Next Two Weeks

September 26 - 5th Grade Camp Chaperone Meeting 6pm

4th Grade Austin Parent Meeting - 7pm

September 27 - See you at the Pole 7:20am

September 29 - Campus Book Fair Starts

Mentor Meeting #1 - 1:30pm

October 2 - Mentor Meeting #2 - 9:00am

October 3 - PPIS Fine Arts Nights #1 - 5:30pm

October 6 - Book Fair Ends

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