Culture Civilization Project

By: AJ Rodriguez

What type of social classes does your civilization have?

My social class has a president, the military, workers, and immigrants. The president is at the top with the most power and then the military and so on.

What religion does your civilization have?

My religion uses Catholicism and Christianity. We sue this in our civilization and keep the teachings of this religion going on for many years.

Did your civilization design or invent something? What was it?

Yes, my civilization created the tank and we use it in our military system. Our tanks are our main source of weaponry and we are proud to use it and show off our skills in building.

What makes your civilization unique compared to others?

Our civilization is unique because we have the most amount of warm weather in the last 4 years! We have had the warmest weather like 100 degrees and warmer.

What traditions does your civilization have and why?

Traditions we have include reading stories from the past, river racing, and fishing. We use these to have fun and show our civilizations culture.

What holidays does your civilization celebrate?

We celebrate a holiday called


Day which is where you get presents from your loved ones and your friends.

What language does your civilization speak?

We speak a language called Guano which is a mix between Spanish and English.