What's Happening in Room 24?

Mrs. Theobald's 4th Grade Class - FEBRUARY 7, 2014

Important Notes & Upcoming Events

WE HAVE 4 GUEST WRITERS TODAY... please check out the wonderful writing and reflections of our week below.

Valentine's Day/Compliments/Dance-a-thon

I've been so impressed with the compliments your children have been writing to their classmates. We will celebrate Valentine's Day next Friday afternoon with reading all of our compliments and handing out valentines to our classmates (optional). If you do choose to send in Valentines, please be sure that all 30 students in the class receive one. If you need an additional list of kids' names, please email me.


We have been writing compliments to everyone in our 4th grade class about how they work during class and how they behave. People will be getting generous compliments on February 14 Valentine's Day. Today we have been thinking of themes for our annual Dance a thon to raise money for our Skyline PTA. So far our best two theme ideas are the Rainbow Unicorns and the Great Glob Of Gummie Bears. Today we have a Dance a thon sheet coming home in our Friday Envelopes. We will be trying to get as many pledges as we can. The grand prize to the class that gets the most pledges is $500 to go on a field trip anywhere we want. Don't forget to help your child get as many pledges as you can from family members and friends. Please try to return this pledge form by Valentine's Day.

Upcoming Dates and Events (Mark your calendars)

  • February 14th - Valentine's Day
  • February 14th - Dance-a-thon Pledge Forms Due
  • February Break - No School - February 17th-21st
  • February 28th - Dance-a-thon in the Activity Center

What Have We Been Learning About??

Second Step


Every Friday we watch a video series called Second Step, these videos teach kids how to show empathy for each other. After we watch the video we make a chart about what we learned and what we think we can do to show empathy for others. Something we are really focusing on is listening with attention. We did an experiment on a partner to see if they can listen attentively. Today we are going to learn how to be assertive to solve our problems in a way that is respectful toward others.


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