Intelligence Officer/Analyst

Meagan Sias, A1

Job Description

Intelligence Officers are hired by an organisation (armed forces, police, civilian intelligence agencies, customs agencies, private corporations, etc.) to collect, compile, and/or analyse information (known as intelligence) which is useful to that organisation.


Training and Education Requirements

This is dependent on the organisation an officer is hired into. The minimum education requirement for any offier, however, is possession of a Bachelor's Degree. An officer must go into the field with the expectations below:

* Taking notes; hence, reading, writing, and analysing.

* Must be up-to-date with current events.

* Undertaking surveillance is crucial.

* Good communication skills are called for.

* Realism is expected, as is choosing the right organisation to work for.

Job Outlook (the demand for the job in five years)

Excellent; earnings depend on experience, specific work, and the agency served.

Earning Potential ($)

Average: $99,500

Range: $50,000 to $149,000

Related Occupations

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