Budget Report Activity

My Real Life Situation

I am Gharam Mansour a fashion designer. I make 45,000 dollars annually and 3,750 dollars monthly. I had a 127,260 or 909 dollar monthly budget for a home. I ended up purchasing an apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. My total payment was 125,860 dollars. I had a 14,544 or a 242.40 monthly budget for my car. I ended up purchasing my favorite luxury car... a BMW! It was 13,888 dollars and 231.46 dollars monthly. In my real-life situation i had to pay a lot of bills and make many transactions. Some bills that were payed were utilities, insurance, cellphone bills, repair fees, plumbing, groceries, and even some emergency/surprise transactions. I had a strict budget of 150.00 for groceries. This was tricky because, I had to stay on a budget and buy everything I needed. I ended up spending 138.76 dollars. That meant that I had a little bit of money left to buy some treats that weren't a must. to know a little bit more about myself and family, I have 2 kids, a dog, and a husband. I have a son named Zayn and a daughter named Miya. I also have a cute little puppy named Young Metro. I have a great family and occupation. Life couldn't be any better!