Consumer Bill of Rights

Gabby Perez

You have the right to do...

  • Be informed
  • Education
  • Be heard
  • Choose
  • Service
  • Safety

1. Be informed

If you went shopping and you were buying some things for a cake or cupcakes. You would want to know what is in there.

2. Education

I should have all rights to attend school, I should have all rights to ask questions, and I should have all rights to attend.

3. Be heard.

If I ordered something in the Internet and it said it would be here by Monday next week, and it still isn't here. I would want to know why it isn't at my front door step. I should call the store and ask them where my package is.

4. Choose

You can always decide what you want to do some point in your life. So, you shouldn't always have somebody by your side telling you what to get and what not to get. You should be able to choose Burger King or McDonald's, Dairy Queen or Taco Bell.

5. Service

If I were at a restaurant and I didn't want coffee I would tip my cup upside down. They took it and they still poured me coffee. I called them over and they fixed their mistake.

6. Safety

If I were to flat iron my hair I should not catch on fire. But if I plugged it in and I held it for a minute my hair would burn off.