Ay m8 I'm look'n 4 a d8

Caitlin Dugan

About Me

Hi I'm Flika. I'm a Mustang and warm blooded but sometimes I can get a bit hot blooded if ya know what you mean. I must admit I have fantastic fur it's like cotton. I also get around pretty fast on my four legs. Now I don't have any foals of my own but I have seen the live birth of some of my other horse friends. Just letting you know I'm a bit of a sleeper you may think I'm awake but sometimes I like to sleep standing up with my eyes open. And lastly I would say I got the tall genes of my family I'm 16.7 hands tall

About You

I'm looking for a hoity and I mean looks and blood. Being honest blood type is make or break for me and being a warm blood is the make. In particular I'm looking for a chick and I mean the bird. There are a lot around where I live but whenever I call to try and get their attention all I ever get is hoarse. Sorry for that terrible pun. Another thing that ruffles my feathers(I don't actually have any feathers it's a saying but I do like I do like my ideal partner to have yellow feathers) is the small size of you little chicks. So if you think you match the description and are looking for a horse that likes to horse around(I'm a bit of a prankster) then call the number 1-800-SMELLYBARN.