Aside from being the flag carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Gulf Air is a prominent carrier in the Middle East. With a fleet size greater than 30 aircraft, it operates to around 38 major international destinations like London, Paris, Delhi, Mumbai and Dubai. Bahrain International Airport is the hub of the carrier, having its headquarters in the large city of Muharraq. It's scheduled services for long-haul routes, besides several short-haul ones. A number of reasons, such as for instance its special services is seen as the reason behind the growth of the carrier within the last decade or

Special Services

Gulf Air provides a number of services and facilities for the convenience of its passengers. People travelling with their families, especially little children and infants can avail priority in a number of formalities during air travel. It not merely saves enough time of passengers, but additionally lets them have a pleasing experience while travelling with the carrier. These are applicable even for folks who choose economic travelling. Special assistance can be availed for little ones, who could easily get fussy through the flight. These special arrangements increase the impressive trustworthiness of the airline.

Services for Infants

The newborns, who're at least one week old, can travel on-board if they're in completely in a wholesome state and devoid of any severe ailment. Individual fare is charged only when parents request another seat for the infant. The on-board carry-cots can be availed for those babies, who're more than 7 months old and weigh significantly less than 10 kg. An advance confirmation is necessary for the carry-cot at the time of booking. Proper comprehension of the guidelines is necessary for these facilities as not following them may hamper the safety regulations. Free-of-costs meals can be requested for kids, provided the ticket is booked at the least 24 hours in advance.

Child Restraint Seats

Parents, with children between the age group of 6 months to 3 years, may use their particular comfy seats in accordance with the normal seats of the aircraft, when the required fare is paid. It should be taken care that the seat should be forward facing and have proper harnesses such that it can be attached to the passenger seat. If the size of the seating arrangement is not in proportion to the dimensions, to suit the location suitably, it can cause problem to both the child and fellow fliers.

Children Travelling Alone

Kids between the age group of 5 to 11 can travel alone in a journey, without the help of any escort. Such kids have to be booked under Unaccompanied Minor, in advance. Parents can accompany them to the check-in-desk, with all the current required documents. Suitable and special care arrangements are shown to the differently-abled kids when the staff is notified about the conditions, in advance. Aside from this, a declaration form is must be filled during Gulf Air ticket booking, for every single child, who is travelling alone.