Ferdinand Magellan

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Magellan's Early Life

Magellan was born 1480 in either Sabrosa or Porto, Portugal, to two nobles. When he was 10 years old, Magellan went to a school to be a page for the queen. There, he studied cartography, astronomy and celestial navigation. Later in life, he sailed for Portugal, but got falsely accused of trading with the enemies, the Moors, despite what he had done for Portugal. After that, he was no longer offered employment from Portugal. So, in 1517, Magellan offered his skills to the Spaniards. There, he studied more navigation, and different mistakes made by others, like Christopher Columbus finding the Americas. This would later inspire him to make his travel across the world

Navigation and Travel

Magellan believed that the world was round. So, he planned to find a way to prove it, by going around the world to the spice islands. So, he went to the king, who gave his blessing, and on September 20th, 1519, Magellan and 4 other ships, so five ships in total, left Spain. A little bit later in his journey, mutiny took place,so Magellan killed two of the captains. He sent one ship to search ahead, but it was destroyed in a storm. In October, 1520 they started to enter the Strait of Magellan, at that time named All Saints’ Channel, named by Magellan. In March, 1521, Magellan and his crew anchored in Guam. There, they taught the natives of Christianity, and converted many, sometimes by force. Magellan teamed up with some of the natives to take down a rowdy group of natives. Its was in this war that Magellan died, April 27th, 1521. However, his crew finished the route, and made it back to Spain. The remaining crew arrived on September 8th, 1522
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