Property's and changes smore

By Jessica stierwalt

Physical property's

Characteristics that describe an object by volume , hardness , color, luster, density, solubility, odor


1. The balloon is pink (color)

2. The density of the flattened balloon is 2.5g (density )

3. The volume of the flatted balloon Is 24 centimeters (volume)

chemical change

A change in matter that. Makes a new substance with property's different from the or initial substance


1use a chemicals battery's

2. Mixing baking soda and vinegar

3.milk going sour



2: odor

3: new substance

4:gas produced

5:then thetemperature changes

Chemical property's

A characteristic that is observed when a object interacts with a another object ( ability to burn , tarnish or luster) . Theses property's can be determined just by looking or touching a substance , instead you need to change the substance and find stuff about it.


1.when steal wool gets put in vinegar then it will start to rust


3.heat of combustion

Physical change

Physical change

A change that changes the from or appearance of a substance but dose not make it into a new substance

Examples melting cause it is hot

2. A banana rotting

3. Car rusting

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Chemical change

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Chemical change