Freedom...That calls for a party!


Time to celebrate!

Come and join us on the most special day that has come.....the freedom of India! To celebrate as soon as possible this event is tomorrow, the day after independence. All is invited. Be ready to party and celebrate all night!

Freedom for all!

Saturday, Aug. 16th 1947 at 6pm

On the flat land next to the Ganges River

There will be a fabric banner on the land that the party will be on!

The Plan!

First we will get everyone settled and go to the sea to collect salt. You can also bring your own salt from home. Next we will come back and add salt to our pre-cooked meals. After everyone has eaten we will celebrate with out traditional Indian dances. Next we will go wash our hands in face in the Ganges River. We will finish the night with a speech from the one and only Mohandas Gandhi!


To let me know that you are coming to this celebration. There will be a box in the front of the Ganges River drop off a piece of paper with your name. This will let me know how many people are coming!