Moore, Oklahoma


May 20, 2013

*The tornado touched down southwest of Moore, Oklahoma. It traveled along the ground for about 17 miles.

*The tornado was a EF5 on the Fujita scale.

*The wind speeds 166 to 200 mph.

*It killed 24 people and injured 324.

*The tornado was caused by hot and cold air colliding.

*The cost of the damage from the tornado was as much as 5 billion dollars in clean up.

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Moore, Oklahoma

Before and After

Ecosystem Before

Before the tornado the vegetation of Oklahoma consisted of mostly types of grasses. The animal life was home to animals who loved wide open spaces. Before the tornado there were many houses and buildings.

Impact on the Ecosystem

Many of the trees were uprooted or covered with some kind of debris. Other things you could no longer tell what they were. Many animals habitats were destroyed by the tornado.

Ecosystem After

After the tornado people all over the world have been sending anything that will help the people of Oklahoma.The tornado destroyed many houses and left many people without a home. For example, The Red Cross opened three shelters in Oklahoma.

Red Cross

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