By Alice Beukema

What is it?

Copyright is a collection of rights given to the author of a piece of work. (Drawing, book, music) As soon as you make a thing it is already copyrighted, no need to put the symbol on. However you have to go to a copyright office if you want to sell it.

The Different Kinds of Copyright

Public Domain

Isn’t protected, copyright expired, created using public money, or given away to the public.


Copyrighted that you can copy, use or give away for free. This has no time limit unlike Shareware.


Work that you can use, copy and share for free, but only for a limited time.

All Rights reserved

The user has to follow the rules by the license agreement. Usually software bought at the store.

Open Source

Open source is where the software comes with it's source code. It allows people to improve it, made add-ons and extensions.