Equity Council Matters

Removing barriers and creating opportunities for all in WTPS

VISION Statement

The Equity Council believes the District and our community must ensure that:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core institutional values that drive decision-making, resource allocation, and the development and implementation of all policies and practices.
  • Diverse students, staff, administration, and faculty are recruited, retained, represented, and supported.
  • All students have a safe and inclusive learning environment and have the tools, resources, and support to succeed.
  • All staff, administration, and faculty are provided with tools, resources, and support to meet these goals.

MISSION Statement

We recognize that this commitment will be ongoing and responsive to previous, current and future discriminatory issues. We strive to prepare students to be reflective, strong and confident members of the global community. In furtherance of our vision statement, the mission of the Equity Council is to:

  • Address issues and practices of racism, bias, and discrimination, whether systematic or implicit, that harm any student.
  • Build and sustain internal and external partnerships to create opportunities for feedback and to support the needs of students, administration, staff, faculty, and the communities in which we live and work.
  • Examine curricula, co-curricula, activities/events, instructional practices, school climate, communications, policies, and procedures to review and recommend changes.
  • Work actively to address public perceptions and expectations as we continue to strive towards equity as a public institution.

Equity Council Subcommittee Descriptions

The subcommittees are reviewing district data and procedures, looking for ways to remove barriers. For example, students who may not have transportation during the summer to visit a library might benefit by bringing the books to their neighborhood or extending library hours for students who live close enough to walk.

· School Culture and Climate: Evaluate school culture and climate across all grade levels for diversity, inclusion, and equity.

· Curriculum: Advocates for a strong value for diversity, inclusion, and equity that is easily apparent throughout the district’s curricular offerings and ensures appropriate implementation.

· Representational Equity, Programs and Policy, and Membership: Monitors and analyzes proportional participation of all stakeholders at all levels of the organization and makes recommendations for improvement; monitors hiring, and retention policies and procedures that have proven to be highly effective at bringing and keeping individuals who add to its diverse workforce. Evaluates student programs and policies for diversity, inclusion, and equity. Monitors and maintains a membership that fulfills the mission and vision and membership requirements of the Council and recruits members to fill gaps.

· Outreach, Development and Communication: Ensure that the district has a formal, universally accepted definition for high-quality diversity, inclusion, and equity that is consistently conveyed to the community and addresses community concerns related to equity. Makes recommendations for effective professional development programs to prepare staff to meet the needs of diverse learners and their families.

Equity Council Proceedings

The Equity Council, comprised of staff, students, community members, and BOE members met virtually on May 11 to continue the work of the internal equity audit. Facilitated by Dr. Adan Alvarez, Assistant Professor at Rowan's University and member of the Partnership for Equity, Education, and Research (PEER), members of the four subcommittees (see article above) engaged in the final session of the school year to analyze district data, identify areas needing improvement, and propose solutions. The goal is for the Council to compile the results of their findings by before the start of the 2021-22 school year.

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