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Acton Weekly Update 10/25/19

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My Life- by a third grade student.

This is a writing done by a third grade student who is new to us this year. He has struggled. He's thrown fits and tried to leave school. He is a challenge. Mrs. Simmons has done an amazing job building a relationship with him, reaching out to family, getting him the help he needs here at Acton. He is now in our SOS process and getting Adult and Child support. Today he told Miss Haag, "At first I wanted to leave this school, but now I want to stay because I know everyone here cares about me. "
He wrote (with some corrections for meaning):

My Life: Bad Life

I was a boy. He was bad in school. I got bullied by 4 kids in kindergarten. I did not pass. I went to first grade. I been good and bad but I passed. I went to 2nd grade. Same thing. I passed. Now, I'm in 3rd grade . I don't now. Now my life is good now.

Doesn't this just melt your heart? We are making a difference everyday for these kids! Keep giving these kids all of your effort. Love them, teach them, MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Things to Know

Frite Lodge: PTO is hosting the "Not SO Scary" Frite Lodge night on October 29th. Our families love this event and this year the Lodge will be giving us ALL the profits from the night plus the concessions we sell. I will be there selling concessions and would like a few folks to volunteer with me. Please let me know if you are available that evening!

Safe Schools Video on Dyslexia is a REQUIRED video for staff to view. We have a PD time scheduled to view if you want to use that time. If you'd prefer to watch it on your own, then you will have that PD time to work on your own.

Wednesday October 30th: During RA time, students will meet with Molly and Jen in the LGI room to review PBIS expectations.

It is also Picture retake day and staff photo day. I'd like for all staff to meet in the gym on the bleachers for a group picture. Please wear the staff gray and blue Acton Happy Campers shirt that you were given at the beginning of the school year. We will also use this photo as our holiday card that we send around to other schools. Please bring a winter hat and scarf that we can put on for a second photo for the card. Our proposed schedule, but will depend on how quick the photographers are, will be:

9:00 K

9:20 1st

9:40 2nd

10:00 3rd

10: 20 5th

10:40 4th

11:00 Last call for students and staff.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT call Scholastic. If you previously had an account for your book clubs and book club points, keep that with your old email. Your new email is to be used for the GR data. Something happens when a teacher calls to switch those that messes up the data and several teachers have lost data. If you have any issues with the site or your data, contact Jen Pryor or Haley Mulligan.

Celebration: Cheryl Emerine told me today that before Fall Break she still had 13 K students who knew less than 40 letters. She retested this week and only has 2. WOW!!! Way to go Cheryl, IA's and RA team for working on the letter tracing and naming.

The Acton Link

Click here for a list of helpful school specific links.

PBIS Central

Click here for anything and everything Acton PBIS.

19/20 SOS Form

Print this off and fill it out or make a copy and send to Brook.

Coaches Corner

Now that the first quarter has wrapped up and 2nd quarter is getting up and running, I will now be able to come visit classrooms to support and see all of the wonderful things you are doing in your rooms. I will also be able to be in your grade level meetings when I am available. I would also like to get into your rooms and run some GR tables with one of your groups so that I get a chance to practice myself. I will send more information in the future. Thank you so much for all of the hard work and your dedication to and support for our students!

Upcoming Dates:

Cycle 2 Post/Benchmark Data Entered by 10/23

Cycle 2 Post/Benchmark Data Discussion 10/23

Q2C1 Pre-test given on 10/21

Q2C1 Pre-test discussed on 10/23

Word Work

Use your Word Knowledge Inventory for ideas on skills to work on (blends, diagraphs, vowel teams, inflectional endings, etc.). Upper grades can study affixes, root words, etc.

Below is a great website to find fun and engaging word work activities.You can use these activities to practice the skills listed above since we no longer have spelling words. Enjoy.

Fun Word Work Activities - Blog

More Word Work Ideas:

Word Work Chromebook Activities

Word Work PowerPoint

Hope these resources help you as you work to provide engaging, strategic, and rigorous Word Work stations for your students!

19/20 Collaboration Schedule

Tuesday and Wednesday PD Schedules. This may change and will be updated throughout the year.

Counselor Corner


  • Send me the names of any families you think may need holiday help this year.


  • If you recieve any HA nominations after Monday you may still turn them into me. If any parents ask if it is too late, let them know they can still turn in their nominations.
  • 3rd and 4th grade please double check the email I forwarded to you that the nominations you turned in are on the list.

Conscious Discipline:

  • I love this week's conscious commitment. Being present in the moment is something I have to remind myself of everyday. I imagine it is even harder to do as a teacher when you have about a thousand things you have to think about at one time. When you are home this weekend try to practice being present in this way and see if you can carry that into school next week.
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Coming Up

Cogat starts this week


HA nomination forms due today. Turn in to Molly

2:00 T1 PBIS Planning Meeting (Jewell, Adams, Miller)


Collaboration: CD Video #3

2:30-3:30 Dr. Stevenson building walk through.

Acton Frite Lodge Not So Scary Night 6:30-9:00


Collaboration: Team Meeting- meet on your own or work on anything your team needs. No agenda.

8:25 Staff Photo (Wear your staff shirt, bring scarf, hat, mittens)

Picture Retake Day

PBIS expectations review during RA class time- take class to the LGI room.


Halloween- Don't forget to dress up as your favorite book character!


First Day of November. We have SEVERAL staff members out this day. Please try your best to not be out unless it's an emergency. Thank you!


28 Pro Act (Stevenson, Pryor)

28-11/26 COGAT

29 Acton Not so Scary Fright Lodge

30 Picture retakes

30 Grade Level PBIS exptections review during RA classes

31 Halloween


4 Drills (All)

4 Coach Appreciation Day

5 Counselor Meeting

5 Family Game Night

6 -11 Teacher window open

7 PTO Meeting

11 Veteran’s Day Assembly

13 Field Trip forms due

13 Midterm grades post for parents

14 2nd grade music program

15 All Pro Dads

25 4th grade field trip

27-29 Thanksgiving break

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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