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Saving Wild Ducks

Wild Ducks

The Wild Duck is the best-known and most recognizable of all ducks . It can be found throughout most of North America, Europe, Asia, New Zealandand Australia. It is the most common and widespread duck. It can be found in almost any area with a wetland habitat, even in urban areas.

Importance of Wild Ducks

Ducks, like other animals, are useful to human beings. They provide us with eggs and meat to eat. Some ducks provide us with feathers are used for stuffing quilts and pillows. The feathers are usually from the Eider duck. Thus, the name "eiderdown" for stuffed quilts.
To line their nests, the females pluck feathers from their breast. Their feathers are harvested in Iceland where they are found everywhere along the coast and are a valuable source of income for the people here.