Camp Pike

Created By: Cody Masters


What? Camp Pike is a christian camp you can go to in the summer. One week in the woods of Divide, Colorado. No cell phone service, no tv, and no technology.

Why? Great opportunity to get close with God. As well as have fun hiking, rock climbing, mountain repelling, and white water rafting etc.

(A picture of the view from the cabins is below)

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Temperatures include very cold nights, with mild days. During sun-up hours it is around 60-70F. At sun-down it chills off to low 50s and high 40 F. Rain is very common while being in the Rocky Mountains.


You will hike/walk everywhere, since cars are not available in this camp.
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Entertainment/Outdoor Activities

Entertainment is directly on your environment. As you get to hike, explore, white water rafting, rock climbing, repel down mountains, and playing a plethora of sports.


A Mennonite camp in a valley of the Rocky Mountains in Divide, Colorado.
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Geography consists of mountains. Since the camp is in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The elevation is very higher then here in Texas, so the air feels very different to breath.
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Major Cities-

Major Cities that are near Divide are, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Denver. As well as the well known Air Force Academy is near the camp as well.
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Hope You Want To Come To Camp Pike!