Knight Notes

February 29, 2016

Happy Monday!

Good morning---

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. The weather was fantastic! Who would have thought that we had a snow day last week? It was great to get outside!

Have a wonderful week!


Five Quick Facts

  1. My wife Nadine (she is also a teacher at FHHS) and I have been married for 17 years. We have 4 amazing kids: Drew-15 a freshman at Howell, Trey-10, Sloan-3 and Sydney-our Angel in heaven).
  2. I have taught at all three Howell high schools: Howell (5 years), Central (6 years) and North (6 years). I teach Business, Marketing, and PLTW Computer Science. I also coach baseball & softball.
  3. I quit teaching for 5 years and owned a business with some college friends. “We Buy Ugly Houses”. It was great learning experience but a tough lesson in economics. I missed teaching and was thrilled to come back to the career I Love.
  4. I am a huge sports fan, especially watching the Cardinals. (I’m still waiting to be drafted.)
  5. I admit watching reality TV. It makes me feel better about myself. (Big Brother, Survivor, and even the Bachelor)

Arlene Kearns goes next!


  • We were notified that we had a student earn a perfect score on the ACT. I will be sending out more details soon.
  • Thank you to Angie, Tara, and Debb for organizing Coffeehouse. We have so much great talent at FHN. It was awesome to see it.
  • Knights of the Round Table was a great success. It was fantastic to see so many kids recognized. Thank you to Kristen and Lindsey!
  • Congratulations to HOSA on taking the plunge in the frigid waters of Lake St. Louis. Great job! Great pics!


Tools for your Toolbox:

Ranking: Requires students to analyze components of concepts then justify their reasons for assigning rankings. *


· Select concepts, events, descriptive paragraphs, or other things that can be analyzed and ranked.

· Ask students to rank items to specified criteria

· Next provide justification for the way they chose to rank.

· Allow students to pair share or network.


FHN has fallen below its goal of 90% of students attending 90% of the time. Coaches, Sponsors, and HR teachers can be a great tool in helping to support this goal by having these conversations with their students. Thanks for all that you do.


Behavior Leadership Team will be meeting on Thursday, March 3 after school in the main office conference room.


Announcements will rotating to 3rd hour on Tuesday. Remember to send any information to include in announcements to Rae Ann at


The Technology Committee will be meeting on Thursday, March 10 after school in the main office conference room.

EOC and ACT Testing Window

4/11- 4/19 ELA, Alg 2, and Gov

4/19 ACT

4/25- 5/3 Alg 1 and Bio

Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2:30-3:30pm