Principal's Update

From Dr. Duffy, James Monroe High School

Update for October 9, 2020

Good afternoon, Yellow Jackets. This is Dr. Duffy, Principal of James Monroe High School with another weekly update. This update contains important updates on academic work, attendance, and virtual class meeting schedules. This information will also be posted on our webpage.

Academic Update

I want you to know we are aware how many of our students are struggling with accessing, completing, and engaging in their schoolwork in the current distance learning format. With this in mind, we have determined that James Monroe High School will accept late work during the first semester. It is important that all students work with their teachers to complete their work and attend their virtual class meetings to get the support they need.

Attendance Update

It continues to be the policy at JM that students must email their homeroom teachers to be counted as present each day. In addition, students are strongly encouraged to attend the daily homeroom virtual meetings. Starting Monday, these meetings are going to function as both attendance and advisory meetings, so be prepared to touch base with your homeroom teacher through Teams to ask questions and explain the support you need to be academically successful. All questions regarding attendance records should be addressed to the Administrative Team (Dr. Duffy, Mr. Snyder for grades 9 & 11, and Ms. Hinrichs for grades 10 & 12). Please email us or call the school.

Virtual Class Meeting Schedule

We have updated the virtual class meeting schedule, which will be posted on our webpage. During these virtual class meetings, teachers will provide question and answer sessions, a review of the LAP student schedule, as well as direct instruction that will provide timely support to those in attendance.

Keep in mind that we have shifted the A/B schedule in the following way. Mondays and Tuesdays will be A days, and Thursdays and Fridays will be B days. Wednesday will be distance learning days, but teacher will be available for office hours on Wednesdays.

Finally, we will share a suggested students schedule that aligns with the virtual class meeting schedule starting on Monday. I hope you find that schedule as a helpful way to organize your distance learning school day.

Each module will now include a LAP Overview and Schedule which will include the following information as a front page in each of our courses: a descriptive title of each task, possible points earned, approximate time required, and a suggested due date. We hope this resource will help you plan your work on your modules.

Suggested Student Schedule

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