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For the week of March 9- Update for specials, etc.

Important Information

Book Orders

The Scholastic Book orders are coming home today. Please look through the fliers to see if there are books you'd like to order.

Book Orders are due Friday, March 20. Don't forget to use the coupon that came with your child's valentine.

To order books online go to and use the activation code: GZB9D.

Here's What We are Learning


We are continuing to work on reading different types of non-fiction books. In small groups we will be talking about the skill of identifying cause and effect.

Ways to help at home: Talk about causes and effects in everyday life. As you read or watch tv with your child talk about the causes and effects you might see.


We have been working on opinion writing. Last week we began working with Mrs. Patrick to write a book review. This week we will be filming our reviews. Watch for links to the reviews.

Ways to help at home: I will be sending the book reviews home to practice on Monday. Please help your child read over them. They don't have to be memorized, but it will help if students have an idea of what they want to say.,


In math we are moving on to counting money. Second graders are expected to be able to count collections of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. We will also work on using a variety of coins to make a specific amount as well as making change.

Ways to help at home: Give your child different amounts of coins to count. Use magazines or catalogues to create a wish list of items they would like to purchase. Once they have their list provide a price. Have students see how many of the items they can purchase with a set amount of money.

Word Study-

This week we will be working with words containing -er. See the list below. There will also be a paper copy of the list that will be in their mailbox to bring home on Monday. I will be reminding them to get the list out at the end of the day.

Big image


Thursday- Day 1- PE (Tennis shoes)

Friday- Day 2- Art

Monday- Day 3- Music

Monday- Day 1- PE (Tennis shoes)

Tuesday- Day 2- Art -----Don't forget to send in library books

Wednesday- Day 3- Music

Ideas for Daily Homework

New Items

Ipad Apps

Freefall Money

Counting Money

Math Doodle- money activity

Cash Cow Lite

On line games

Learning Coins- 3 Levels

Sheppard Learning- Although these are all sites for children, I have not looked at all of these games to check on ads. Please make sure to work with your child the first time they play the game. This site has the following games and more:

  • Enough Money
  • Compare Money Amounts
  • Matching Money
  • Fruit Splat Coins
  • Fruit Splat Coins 2
  • Coin Madness
  • Bus Driver Math

Old Links


Epic- IPad app

email address:

password: missyoungsclass

This is an app that is free for educators and contains hundreds of ebooks. Log in through our class account to access.

RazKids- App or web login on a computer

Hundreds of leveled books. Teacher's name- missyoungsclass


Spelling City-

List 13 words are uploaded to the website. Games and activities are available.


Front Row-App or web login on a computer

A great website to practice math skills. Students enter first and last name and the code- hebtca

XtraMath-App or web login on computer

Math Fact Practice Apps-

  • Fetch Lunch Rush
  • Hungry Fish- Free
  • Mathmateer
  • Rocket Math- Free
  • Top It!-

  • There are tons of telling time apps out there. As always, I would recommend trying out the free versions before you pay for one. This helps make sure the app will meet the needs of your child.

Telling Time


Class Symbaloo- Website (We've saved it as a link from our home screen, so the kids may think it's an app, but it is not.) Lots of activities to explore Solid, Liquid, and Gas; links to discover information about winter. The REAL link...