February 1-5

What happened this week?

This past week we continued our study on the Arctic and Antarctica. We looked at the areas on a map and talked about the differences between the two. Ask them which area is colder and has more animals that live there. We also went in depth about the different Arctic and Antarctic animals. We looked at pictures, sketched the animals and went over some fun facts. The Antarctic animal we talked about was the Emperor Penguin (that and 3 other penguin species) are about the only living things in Antarctica. The Arctic animals we highlighted were the Arctic fox, the Arctic hare (bunny), the musk ox, the Arctic wolf, the sea otter, the walrus and the polar bear. Continuing with the cold/ ice theme, we even painted with ice! We read Tacky the Penguin and then constructed our own Tacky the Penguin with different sized styrofoam pieces and toothpicks! We ended the week with Popsicles on the playground. The children chose between orange juice, lemonade and grape juice. They saw the liquid being poured into the mold yesterday and found that it was frozen and ready to eat today! Have a lovely weekend!

What's happening next week?

Next week will be super busy.

Tuesday is our Mardi Gras parade. Please come if you can and help pull a wagon! The parade will begin at 10:00 and last about 30 minutes.

We will also have our Valentine party on Friday. Please send a small Valentine for each child in the class. We have 13 total children. The kids will have a small celebration on Friday with juice and cookies.

Dates to remember.....

2/9 Brown Bear/Ivory Owl Mardi Gras Parade

2/13 SMEP Gala

2/15 School Closed: President's Day

2/26 Dad's Hoedown Breakfast

3/2-3 Group Photos