Digital Multimedia


summary of Multimedia

What I accomplished this year was how to add a background to a green screen. I learned how to use Adobe Premiere

Digital Multimedia Reflection

Digital Multimedia reflection

I think doing the green screen was pretty cool and something I will remember and something I am glad that I accomplished. Getting focus on things that didn't call out to me much. i would change the fact that we went to the middle school for half of the year. The three most important things to me were audacity, PSA, and time management. Being more creative. How to add a background to a green screen. This school year was awesome, amazing, cool, fun, indescribable, and unforgettable. I think Mrs. Stewart should keep on being herself and teach the way she does because I think we can all learn a lot that way. I recommend this class because it's fun and opens up a doorway for a career
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