The Blob of the Sea

By Sammy Stewart


In the 2,000 kilometer of the Great Barrier Reef, the jellyfish is one of the many fish that live there. It has been around for over 500 million years. There is more information on this specimen like happy habitat, delectable diet, and amazing appearance. When you look at a jellyfish you might want to know this.


Who knew that a jellyfish can be so fascinating. You can see that this ocean dwelling animal is a lot more than a head and tentacles. I hope you enjoyed the happy habitat, delectable diet, and awesome appearance of this mysterious creature of the deep. So, next time you so swimming and see a jellyfish realize it is not a dish it is a jellyfish.


I did a jellyfish for my main animal along with two fish, seaweed, crab, coral, and more.
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Chefs corner

My food was an Australian style hamburger.

Cut the roll in half and butter it.

Toast the rolls on both sides.

Fry, meat patty, onion, and bacon.

Flip meat patty over and add cheese.

Fry egg.

Butter the bun and add tomato sauce to taste. Assemble the hamburger: lettuce, tomato, beetroot, onion, pineapple & the meat patty. Top with bacon, egg, cheese and bun top.
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Go Fish

This was a great project. I had $2.88 left over from all of it. I got 7 different fish with a total of 8 fish. My theme was sunken land. I got a sunken helicopter and sunken boat. With a sign and plants for the fish to hide in.
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Think Tank

Now after reading try your knowledge on jellyfish with Jellyfish Jeopardy.
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