Bucket List #1

By Wyatt Rudd

#1 Canyon Swing

The first thing on my bucket list is the Canyon Swing. Weathering, erosion, and deposition made this canyon thousands of years ago.

#2 Snow boarding

I always wanted to snowboard before. They would throw TNT down from the very top to make an avalanche. Also the mount.s are formed by weathering and is a physical.

#3 Cave exploring

I would like to go under ground to look at the caves. Caves are formed by a chemical erosion, it is formed by a chemical under ground.
World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!!! - Canyon Cliff Jump

#4 Cave Scuba diving.

Cave scuba diving sounds fun to do. The under water caves are formed by the sea salt and some of the chemecals in the cave. It could be both Physical and Chemical.

#5 Cliff climbing

The cliff climbing is fun. The mountains are formed by the wind and is Physical erosion. The cliffs have ledges that are big enough to put half of your wait on.