Events of 1913 in America

By: Isaac Decker


I give credit to and wikepideia

The Flood

On March 21 there was a flood that started in Miami and ended in Dayton, Ohio. There was 400 dead in the flood. The Great Miami River was the river that overflowed to make the flood.

Income Tax

In the year 1913 was the start of income tax for the U.S.A. The U.S Government made 5.4 billion dollars in 7 years. Then because of World War 2 there became more jobs so the money increased to 7.3 billion dollars.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame was the first team ever to successfully complete a forward pass against Army. November 1st was the date for the Notre Dame vs. Army and Notre Dame made history that day with the forward pass and the upset with Notre Dame winning 35-17.

Notre Dame vs. Army - 1913 - Irish Use the Forward Pass

Death Valley

Death Valley is one of the hottest places in the world, it breaks records with its high temperatures, including the one they broke on July 10th, 1913. The temperature was 134 degrees. That broke the record for the highest temperature in America