Digital Coaches' Corner

Week 15 3/2/15

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Parent Communication

Create your own Google Site to communicate with parents and students. Check out Mrs. Churchman's Google site. and Mrs. Campbells's Google Site.


PARCC testing will start next week. We all need to realize just how far ahead our district is. Our students are well prepared to take tests online even in the third grade. This is not true in many other districts. We are blessed to have access to enough computers so that all of the elementary students in one grade can test at the same time and all 5-9th grade students have 1:1 laptops. The Technology department has stayed up-to-date on all the PARCC requirements and changes. The administration and the digital coaches are working to create testing sessions. Teachers are helping their students realize what will be expected of them on test days. We got this!

Thanks everyone for your work to prepare for the testing.

Classroom of the Week

Mrs. Hatfill, Mrs. Speidel and Ms. Hamilton's Geography Classes

Mrs. Hatfill, Mrs. Speidel and Ms. Hamilton’s Geography classes are incorporating mapping skills with the novel they are reading in class, Whirligig. In the story, the main character has to serve a penance for killing a girl because of drunk driving. Her parents requested that he travel the four corners of the United States building and placing whirligigs that represent their daughter. Along the way, the students are mapping his location as well as other characters, and the locations of where the whirligig was placed. They are doing this by using the program Google Tour Builder. When they have completed the project, they will present their map creations to the class.