Timmy Smith as a reader and writer

What were your favorite books as a child and why?

Timmy liked the very hungry caterpillar because it was the first book he ever read and it was interesting.

What are your first memories of reading?

Timmy's first memory of reading was his mom teaching him how to read because she is a reading teacher.

Who is your favorite author? Explain something awesome about him or her?

Timmy's favorite author is Gordon Korman because his books were interesting and some of his favorite books were by him.

If you could choose anything to write about what would it be?

Timmy would write about when he went camping with his family and friends.

What's the most meaningful thing someone has written to you?

Timmy's sister wrote a note saying sorry that she hurt him and he felt appreciated and forgave her.

Describe your first memory of writing?

When Timmy was in second grade he wrote a personal narrative of his dog running away. Then the firefighters came and got him.