EQ: Should genetic engineering be legal or illegal?

What is Genetic engineering?

  • Genetic engineering is replacing or modifying genes in a living organism
  • It is usually used for human modification or for long lasting food
  • Very dangerous
  • Still in progress of figuring out what it can really do
  • Corrupt people overuse it for unnecessary purposes
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  • Genetically engineered palnts can resist bugs
  • Genetic engineering allows you to choose what your offspring looks like
  • Genetic engineering allows the creation of medical drugs easier
  • Genetic engineering allows the creation of fruit and vegatbles with long shelf life
  • Genetic engineering can ultimatley eliminate all disease


  • Modifying the plants allow insects to grow a stronger resistance
  • G.M.O.S. (genetically modified organisms) upset the people
  • G.M.O.S. can cause changes in blood composition and kidney size
  • Allows people to play god and change things they shouldn't
  • Genetic engineering can cause disorders that can't be cured
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Genetic engineering is extremely dangerous to all humans. Its power can create and kill. If some person figures out how to mass produce invincible soldiers the world is over. Then again, it can be used to craft cures to help everybody. But only rich people can use it not the people that really need it.In the end, I think that genetic engineering is too dangerous for human hands and should be completely illegal.