Unit 3:Human Geography

Culture Project

This project will help others to understand and experience my l culture. It also shows how I live my life and relate with others. This project is a reflection of me and my lifestyle. This shows the world through my eyes. So enjoy viewing my personal culture

Food & Shelter

Nutella is a sweet chocolate hazlenut spread. Nutella is my favorite food. I apply nutella to lots of other foods such as; bread, graham crackers, carrots, bananas, or a spoon! It is a part of my culture and I have been consuming it for years.

Creative expression & Recreation

Every week for the past year I have volunteered at a dog shelter. My mom and I consider it a weekly tradition and it is a major part of our personal culture. It is very important to me. I love animals and I consider spending time at the shelter recreational. In American culture dogs are treated as companions. They are "man's best friend" in the United States.


I follow the religious path of Christianity. I love going to church on Sundays. I always go with my friends and family. Religious freedom is a part of American culture. At my church we attend a sermon in nice clothes and we all sing to together. It is a part of my personal culture and my nation’s culture.


I am enrolled at a high school. School is held on weekdays from 8:45-3:45. In American culture it is mandatory to attend 13 years of school and it is optional to attend 4 extra years of college. This is part of my person culture because it is a big part of my life and it benifits me.


I have family relationships and friend relationships. This is a part of United States culture. We spend time with our family and friends and they are considered the most important people in the world. This is part of my personal culture because my friends and family are a major part of my life. My friend in the picture below and my family plays a huge roll in my life.

This is a jar of nutella. Nutella is a sweet chocolate hazlenut spread.

This is me at a dog shelter.

This is the church.

This is my high school.

This is my friend.