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Norfolk Junior High

Nursery Rhyme

My Article: Losing Curds


It was reported by a witness that 11-year-old Little Miss Muffet tragically lost her curds on a Sunday afternoon on June 5th. It was a nice day and Little Miss Muffet was innocently eating curds on top of Big Hill of Nebraska. Brown Spider floated down beside her on her tuffet. She turned and when she saw Brown Spider, she threw her curds and went running. Brown Spider then took his spot on the tuffet. Little Miss Muffet’s mother is still deciding whether to press charges on the Brown Spider. Big Mr. Muffet said he never wants to see the spider even 50 feet from his daughter. Brown Spider said, “I only wanted to have company.” As you can see, Brown Spider has some real explaining to do.

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Feature Story


Jellyfish have many different and interesting things about them. Scientists classify them as invertebrates. Their scientific name is medusozoa. Jellyfish have many interesting colors such as clear, pink, yellow, blue, purple, and are often luminescent. Even though jellyfish are carnivores there are many sea turtles that love the divine taste of jellyfish. They also need to be careful about how much they eat because if they have too much food in their bodies will weigh them down and they sink. Jellyfish electrocute their prey with their tentacles to paralyze or stun them before they eat them. Also, jellyfish do not have brains. Instead, they have nerve nets which senses changes in the environment and control the animals movements. A test showed that jellyfish will eat a salt water and peanut butter mix as a source of protein. Many jellyfish have bio luminescent organs which allows them to grow in the dark. As you can see, jellyfish are not your usual animal.

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Favorite App or Video Game

My favorite app is Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is a strategy game where you are constantly upgrading to improve your base. You can attack other players, but other players can attack you. Once you are high enough in the game, you build a clan castle which is basically your team. Your clan can donate you troops to put in your castle. Once you have ten or more people in the clan, you can do clan wars. Clan wars are basically trying to destroy all the bases on the other teams clan. Each player gets certain amount of loot for each level of clans they attack. You can arrange your base anyway you choose and need to put strategy into it. You have defenses to protect your base and safeguard your resources.
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Iron Man 3

Has Iron Man met his match? A formidable terrorist named Mandarin tears Tony Starks world apart. He gets stranded in a little town. His house is blown up. Back home his girlfriend gets captured by his unknown enemy. He starts a journey to find who is responsible. He goes to try and find his girlfriend and is surprised and captured. His old partner is surprised by Aldrich Killian who has strange powers. He steals his partners Iron Man suit and captures the President of the United States. When Tony has to decide on his girlfriend or the president, who will he choose?
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Cole Carter attended high school at Norfolk High School. He participated in football and their team went to state and won the championship. He worked at Earl May in highschool. He went to the University of Nebraska and majored in Environmental Studies. At the age of 40, he is now the head of his area at Yosemite National Park in California. He is a average height and is in good shape. He is married now and has four children. He lives in California out in the country with a big yard. He has been working for Yosemite National Park. He started out studying wildlife and later was promoted to the head of his area. His hobbies are golf, airsoft, basketball, lifting weights, tennis, badminton, bike riding, and camping. He thinks he will continue his career or maybe move to Hawaii and work there.