High School English-Lit

November 16, 2015 Class 13

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Oh goodness! So sorry this is so delayed. I did not get it out before we went out of town and it completely slipped my mind!

For Parents:

Paper Progress

We spent part of class time last week reviewing what parts of our papers had been written so far. We wanted to make sure our points being proved matched the prompt and that our Paragraph topics were on track. We also practiced and discussed blending quotes into our paper.

This upcoming week we will discuss intros and conclusions and begin to wrap this first lit analysis paper up!

The Help Due January 6th

We will be approaching the reading and discussion of The Help Iby Kathryne Stockett a little bit differently. Students will read the book on their own and answer a few simple questions. We will have our discussion and analysis of the book when we return from Christmas break on January 6

Several students ask for me to assign the chapters to help keep them on track. Last week I handed out a schedule which roughly assigns six chapters per week through Christmas break .

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Song Analysis in Class

Students watched and analyzed the song "Super heroes " by The Script.
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