Pet Groomer

Chandler Whitelock


The job of a pet groomer is to bathe, brush, trim and provide other grooming services for domestic pets, usually dogs and cats.


There is no specific educational requirement for becoming a pet groomer, although training programs are available through online courses and some schools. However, many people in the field have learned their skills through on-the-job training. Skilled pet groomers know the grooming standards for all breeds of dogs, understand small-animal anatomy and know how to spot changes in a pet's hygiene that might indicate a health concern.


Dog Groomers have fairly low wages!

A groomer on a day to day basis gets about $12.00 an hour, and $22,510 every year.


Many places have pet groomers such as popular pet stores and then small businesses! Petsmart and petco have openings for spots as a pet groomer! The wage for a pet groomer is $10.31 per hour. Or k'9's and Felines Pet grooming, also has available jobs. I'd work at a small business because I'd get more on hands experience than a crowded pet-store.