Coming of Age

Theme Poster

No promises in the Wind

No Promises in the Wind is the story of two young people on their own during the Great Depression. Josh and Joey must work hard to survive in this world. They soon learn that to survive, they must put their childhood behind them and grow up before their time. This book shows what the Great Depression did to children all across America. It ripped away their childhood and replaced it with cold hard reality.

Man vs. Society

The theme in this book is man vs. society because Josh and Joey are against the Great Depression. They must earn a living in a place where grown men can't get a job. They are fighting against society to get a job and food on the table. The two boys have to also fight through all the other obstacles society put forward. Because they are younger with no experience, it is harder for them to get a job.


The older brother. Stubborn, hard, but can be loving.


The younger brother. Caring, unselfish, loving.

Characters remarks and actions

Josh decides to leave home because he and his father resent each other. He was sick of his mother always sticking up for the father and never admitting Josh was right. Later, when they are in the carnival he falls in love with the clown, but then decides he doesn't like her because she is going to marry somebody else. Then, when he is sick from starvation and Joey gives half a loaf of bread to another woman Josh hits Joey causing him to leave. Later on Lonnie finds him and brings her to his house to become better. He likes it there and thinks he may fall in love with her.

Joey is very caring towards others. In the beginning he gives his milk to the cat because it was starving. Then later on he gives half a loaf of bread to a women who gave him food once before. However when Josh finds this out he hits him and Joey runs away. Then Jannie finds Joey and Josh and him go home.

Character contrasts

Joey is younger than Josh, and more sentimental. While Josh is hard and tough, Joey has not quite learned to grow up yet. He cares about people and will try to help those in need when he can. For example, when Joey gives half a loaf of bread to a woman who gave food to him once before, Josh hits Joey because he didn't think it was pratical since they could've used the food. However in the end, we find that Josh really does have a big heart and can forgive.