Suplies for Studies

changing the Dominican one Tshirt at a time


-living on $1.25 every day

-can not pay for medical care

-no easy access to schools

-more than 40% of kids are uneducated

-over 5,000 kids have no parental care


-fundraising money !00% goes to D.R

-buying buses/transportation

-medical clinics

-school supplies

-money for food

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-Our product is a Tshirt in neutral color with the logo "supplies for studies" on the back. %100 of profit will go to the organization The Samaritans Purse. They will send to different schools and clinics in the Dominican and provide education to children.

-the price will range from $10 to $15 each shirt.



This source helped us understand a traditional school experience in the Dominican. It gave facts and problems they face everyday. In comparison, It told us more about the actual school and what is needed than the families and their problems.

This source provided us with facts about the families and what they needed and struggled with. It gave us facts about how most children are orphaned and the medical challenges they face. In comparison is provided more medical facts.


this source provided us with facts about what specific supplies is needed for their school and education. In comparison it gave us more of an idea of what the money we raise will go towards.


This is the organization we will be working with. They provided many ways and ideas to fundraise. They provided many opportunities to travel and help hands on also. This started up our idea and helped us work through the process of how the money will get there and what it will be used for.

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