Grade 6 Extended Newsletter

Week 7 Christmas Term

A Great Week of Enquiry...

Another week, and once more, Grade 6 Extended continued along their learning journey with great excitement and enthusiasm . A week in which we began to plan our Exit Point display boards; demonstrating collaborative skills as we worked in teams to hit our targets. The exciting moment of the week was choosing our favourite inventor or scientist to research as we plan their biography. We even made percentages fun in our Maths lessons!

Please don't forget to join us for our Exit Point on Wedneday, October 8th.

Virtue of the Week - Diligence

Passion, vision and diligence are the most sure fire paths to success. Combined, they are unstoppable!

Maximillian Barry

Language Arts - Biography Writing

This week we started with a sorting activity. We were given a plastic wallet with strips of paper containing sentences about the life of three significant people linked to our What Price is Progress topic. They were all mixed up and our task was to identify who the people were and sort their biography into chronological order within 25 minutes!

It was electrifying in class as we read the statements, and used our prior knowledge to identify who the people were. We the had to order their life events. We learned so much in the process about their influences during their lifetime, for example, did you know Alexander Graham Bell's mum and wife were both deaf?

In the end, our reflections stimulated great debate about who we would write about. Bell, Curie, Galileo, Newton or Einstein? Who had the best story to tell? Who made the greatest impact on the world? Who showed great resilience and inspired us to tell their story?

Over the last few days ,we have been using our biography organisers to gather notes and plan each paragraph for our writing. We have aimed to use as many resources as possible to gain a truer picture of our inspirational characters.

Next week...we begin to write these amazing biographies.

Maths: Problem solving with fractions

The Grade 6 Extended students came up with several interesting titles for their Percentage Hunt poster. Excitement was buzzing in the classroom, as students were all eager to design their posters that would be displayed. The students really had to hunt everywhere for their cut-outs - from the newspapers, magazines, organizers, shops, grandpa’s desk, etc, you name it! The purpose of this activity is to allow the students to relate what they are learning in Mathematics to real-life situations. It also prompted us to discuss about the occupations that may involve percentages. The top three winners of this poster challenge will receive a certificate to recognise their efforts. Their posters will be featured very soon. Stay tuned!

*The Fractions test was sent home. Do remind your child to bring it back to school after you have signed it.

IPC- History

Three weeks to our Exit Point!

This week we were all split into 4 teams and given an area of expertise to cover, which we will have to explain to all our visitors during our Exit Point.

The chosen areas are Medicine, Industry, Communication and Transport. Our brief was simple. Create a visual display, which must included the following points:

timeline of major invention and ideas:

  • a map showing where these inventions happened
  • a short bio of our most famous inventor
  • a hybrid text of two top inventions from our field and the evolution of one invention from it's first design through to today or even beyond!

As you can imagine, it has been all hands to the pump! Successfully, we have created our timelines and maps this week, using the outstanding models from last year, as a way to enhance our own ideas.

Next week, we will divide up the roles within our team, as we create hybrid texts about inventions, short bios about our preferred inventor and think about how to best display the evolution of our greatest invention!

Dates for you Diary:

UES parent conferences – Wed 1st and Thurs 2nd Oct (please return slips to classroom teacher by Monday September 22nd)

Grade 6 Extended Specialist Online Booking System - Thursday, September 25th

IPC Exit Point and Celebration of Learning – Wed 8th Oct at 8.15 am

Home learning

Maths Home Learning:

Expressing a percentage as a fraction and a decimal and vice versa.
Finding a percentage of a quantity.
Solving problems involving percentages.

Answer: It says ‘100% money guarantee back!’ If you are not satisfied with this pack of tissue paper, you know what you can do.

IPC Home Learning:

Over the next three weeks you will need to research a significant people from your home country (scientists, musicians, politicians etc). The task sheet can be found on the Grade 6 Gallery.

Writing Home Learning:

Choose one of your themes to write in your Writer's Notebook. This week has an Industrial Revolution link.