Personality Type: True Colors Gold

by Peter Dillon

Overview of my Color

For my personality I value home, family, and tradition. I also have a strong sense of what is right and wrong. Golds are protective a parent and a helper. We need to be useful, have something to work on. I follow the rules even when sometimes I don't agree. We are organized, caring, and loyal.

Gold's Symptoms of a Bad Day

In a bad day we tend to just feel bad for ourselves. We complain and feel depressed. Golds also make very mean comments and judgements about people. We also have a feeling of anxiety, stressed out. And have a all around herd mentality following not leading.

Thoughts About My Color

I like my color, it describes me in many ways but also it does my some of my personality wrong. But this personality is a worker's mentality I usually need some work to do or I get bored. Gold is valuable and so are the people with gold personalities. But I think they missed out a lot of things maybe they could add what the personalities do for fun. Or maybe the common favorite subject among the people with the personalities.