By: Travis Lane Dream Vacation

Madrid Facts

Madrid is in Spain it is the capital of Spain. I want to go to see the big city and watch their soccer team. I want to see the amazing soccer team they have and watch them play.

It has a population of 3 million people. It has been the capital of Spain since the 17th century. It is 300 km from the sea.


It will take 12hrs to get to Madrid, or 4,998. I will bring Gian, Rodolfo, Joey, Cody, Alex, Julius. I will ride a plane their. We will stay their for a month.


We will stay with Christiano Ronaldo, in his mansion. We can go swimming, play video games, learn Spanish. A swim suit, hair stuff, clothes, shoes, money, phone, phone chargers, food.


It will cost around 1500 dollars. Free or 2000, wewill have 100 thousand. 100 dollars, 1500.


Drive with Christiano Ronoldo to one of his soccer games. Ride in all of his cars and in is lambo.