Hydrops fetalis

Alicia Reyes Rodriguez

Important facts

There are two types of this disease, they would be immune and nonimmune.

The immune way to get this Is a severe case of RH incompatibility, when the mother has a negative Rh and the baby has a positive Rh this causes the red blood cells to be destroyed.

The nonimmune way to get this is a medical condition upsets the body's ability to manage fluid.


Heart failure

Total body swelling

Breathing problems

Bruising or purplish bruise on skin

Liver swelling

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How does a child get this?

Fetal heart conditions or birth defects (approximately 40 percent of cases) such as problems with the placenta, umbilical cord or the mother's body. In approximately 5 to 8 percent of the cases, doctors cannot identify a cause. These are classified as idiopathic cases, meaning the hydrops is the result of an unknown cause. In another case they are caused by the mother getting a infection of some sort and it effecting the baby in the wound.


If the problem is the blood count then a blood transfusion . If the problem is identified then they can find a way to fix it, but if they can't find it their job is harder. They will take the baby in extensive care and keep watch on the child until they get better or your doctor will talk to you and your family about the outcome of having a child like this.

Life Expectancy

If the baby has a mild case the survival rate is 98% and if it has a severe case its 55%.